Modernize or Die: Andrew McNeil Leading the Charge for Innovation in the Construction Industry

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People believe innovation is met with open arms, but my experience is that innovation is met with resistance from those who stand to lose the most, and embraced by those who reap the rewards.”

– Andrew McNeil, President of MasterBuilder Mercantile 

Introducing innovation in the commercial construction industry and breaking away from business as usual can be difficult, especially when big players push back. But, despite the opposition, Andrew McNeil, President of MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc., saw the opportunity to leverage emerging technologies to revolutionize the traditional supply chain. 

Building on a 90-year, 4th generation legacy in the construction industry, Andrew has decades of industry experience. McNeil has become a trusted name in the business. However, Andrew knew that to continue his family’s legacy, he would have to find a way to merge the success of the past with the technological advancements of the future. 

“As I watched other industries evolve, I began to play with digital e-commerce software. I was inspired by the need for creative solutions, and wasn’t about to sit back and watch as our industry fell behind,” explains Andrew. “I've had billion dollar companies and industry trade associations challenge me, but I was determined to create a solution that made complex products readily available online through the use of preprogrammed conditional logic. And that’s exactly what I did.” 

MasterBuilder Mercantile is an integrated sourcing solution for commercial equipment and parts for the construction industry. Acting as a link between manufacturer and consumer, MasterBuilder reduces costs, decreases delivery times and provides more choices to industry professionals.

“We’ve streamlined the entire design to construction to procurement process in a fast, error free manner,” says Andrew. “By consolidating purchasing pathways to the end user, we make products that are historically controlled readily available for selection, specification, and purchase, regardless of traditional wholesaler support.”

With a proven track record and steady growth, Andrew is committed to leading the charge in the commercial e-commerce space, offering a diverse array of commercial grade products, equipment and parts to global markets.

“We intend to significantly expand our portfolio of product offerings, giving more people more reasons to do business with us,” Andrew declares.

From e-commerce to the first of its kind ‘Add to Schedule’ app, MasterBuilder Mercantile has become the go to tool for industry professionals.

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