Zurn Z1345 Non-Freeze Wall Faucet With Integral Vacuum Breaker

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Zurn Z1345 Non-Freeze Wall Faucet With Integral Vacuum Breaker ENGINEERING SPECIFICATION: Z1345 Exposed non-freeze anti-siphon automatic draining wall faucet complete with exterior chrome finish, brass casing, all bronze interior parts, antisiphon integral vacuum breaker, operating rod with free-floating compression closure valve, wall support, replaceable seat washer, combination 1/2" [13mm] female solder inlet and 1/2" [13mm] male IP inlet connection, and 3/4 [19] male hose connection (UPC, ASSE 1019-A, CSA).

Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, churches, and other light commercial applications.

IMPORTANT - To assure drainage Turn sillcock handle to closed position and detach hose from spout during freezing weather. If hose is left attached, the frost-proof sillcock cannot drain properly and trapped water may freeze and damage sillcock.

The frost-proof sillcock assures no-freeze operation because the valve mechanism shuts off water inside the building, where it is heated. If building will be unheated for any length of time, then all water lines should be drained and plumbing fixtures winterized.

Maximum recommended operating pressure: 125 PSI Water temperature range: 40 - 130° F.

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