Zurn Z1346 Exposed Non-Freeze Wall Faucet

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Zurn Z1346 Exposed, Non-Freeze, Anti-Siphon, Automatic Draining Wall Faucet, Chrome Finish.

Features & Benefits:

Automatic draining, exposed non-freeze wall faucet with external vacuum breaker Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, churches, and other light commercial applications


Engineering Specification:

Z1346 Exposed non-freeze anti-siphon automatic draining wall faucet complete with exterior chrome finish, brass casing, all bronze interior parts, Z1399-VB antisiphon integral vacuum breaker, operating rod with free-floating compression closure valve, replaceable seat washer, combination 1/2 [13] female solder inlet and 1/2 [13] male IP inlet connection standard, and 3/4 [19] male hose connection (Conform to ASME B1.20.7).

Technical Documentation:

Zurn Z1346 Exposed Non-Freeze Wall Faucet Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn Z1346 Exposed Non-Freeze Wall Faucet DWG Drawing: Click Here.