Zurn ZRK-C-1.6-DF RetroFlush Retrofit Kit with Sensor Dual Flush Feature for Closet Flush Valves

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ZURN ZRK-C-1.6-DF RetroFlush AquaSense 'AV' Retrofit Kit with Dual Flush Feature Engineering Specification: The AquaSense RetroFlush Retrofit Kit is equipped with an infrared sensor, solenoid, and battery holder for four AA alkaline batteries. The unit features a dual flush function that allows for an approximate 30% water saving flush when liquid waste is deposited in the bowl. When solid waste is deposited the full flush function is activated. The 30% water saving and full flush functions are determined by the amount of time a user is detected by the sensor; less than 60 seconds activates the 30% water saving flush, more than 60 seconds activates the full flush. The unit comes complete with tempered glass replaceable lens, dual flush manual override buttons, four AA batteries, switchable 24 hour flush, maintenance override, adjustable range, low battery indicator, chrome plated metal housing, and tilt adjustment. The retrofit kit also includes a filtered riser tube and a TPE chemical, clog resistant and "quiet" type diaphragm kit.

Features & Benefits: 

Battery-powered sensor operated flush valve Clog resistant diaphragm and solenoid
Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs 3-year warranty


Technical Documentation: 

Zurn ZRK-C-1.6-DF Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn ZRK-C-1.6-DF Installation and Maintenance Instructions: Click Here.