About Us


MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc. (TM) provides Integrated Sourcing Solution for the Construction Industry (TM).   We provide a link to you the consumer, directly to the manufacturer.  We purchase from the manufacturers, not re-sellers, and pass the savings onto you.  On www.masterbuildermercantile.com, you can shop, select, specify and purchase quality commercial-grade highly engineer products from anywhere, at anytime.

What makes MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc. (TM) so unique is that it has the potential to revolutionize the traditional supply chain by consolidating and/or eliminating specific levels.  The MasterBuilder Mercantile platform will ensure that manufacturers’ products are easily accessible for selection, specification, and purchase regardless of local/regional traditional bricks-and-mortar wholesaler support.  MasterBuilder Mercantile takes manufacturers from behind the traditional wholesalers in the supply chain, and puts them out in front.


MasterBuilder's, Add to Schedule (TM), App: Allows anyone to create point-and-click product configurations and project schedules, which are cloud save-able and shareable.  We use deep-dive conditional logic to eliminate errors in the configuration of products and assemblies.  Most importantly, and unlike anything available today, we provide unparalleled choices to specifiers and consumers.  Our Build-A-Lavatory app alone has over 5 million possible combination possibilities, takes only one to two minutes to complete, and is manufacturer verified for maximum accuracy.  The products and configurations are exportable in schedule format for insertion directly into construction drawings, or one can simply add-to-cart to buy.  The MasterBuilder Schedule Creator has already worked as intended, and we have real-life examples of how our MasterBuilder Mercantile’s Schedule Creator has found its way into design drawings, and the hands of the purchasing contractors.

MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc.’s (TM) e-business platform has solved many of the difficulties in selling commercial grade products on-line, and made it a simple and easy process of selection, specification and purchase.  We can effectively sell everything from complex plumbing and heating equipment to architectural products while offering the same option sets you would find on a product submittal.   Our SEO optimization and built-in cross referencing displays MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc. products, even when a consumer searches for a competitor’s product online or within the site itself. 

Fish-i: MasterBuilder's Consumer and Specifier Analytics Matrix tracks: consumer and specifier habits, product market share, competitors market share, designer / specifier rankings (engineers), project win rates, and quotation performance statistics.


For over four generations, this privately owned family business has evolved into a streamlined, and sophisticated international distributor of highly engineered products.  Our family's humble business beginnings originate in the heating fuel yards of Central Canada in the 1930's, to a premier Western Canadian distributor of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment through the 1940's to late 1980's, to the full service Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Fire, HVAC/R, Irrigation, Plumbing and Waterworks products distributor we are today.  MasterBuilder Mercantile Inc. (TM) is our latest platform to take decades of experience, our passion for design and construction, and intimate knowledge of engineered equipment to the global market.

We have a passion for the products we sell, and deeply believe in the quality of the manufacturers we list on our sites.  We choose to only work directly with proven and respected global manufacturers.  You will not find any low-quality imports or branded OEM products on our site, so you can trust the products we sell and support.  Our core belief is that a consumer who purchases a product should always have access to product and installation support, and the parts to ensure the longevity of the installation.

Our Canadian head-office is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We utilize manufacturers' fabrication facilities, and their regional distribution centers located throughout North America, to ensure that products are delivered in a timely fashion regardless of your physical location.

We have a dedicated team of product experts,  customer service staff, and logistics professionals who are eager to assist you with product selection, specification, sale and support.  To view our contact information, click here.