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Zurn Z1020 Electronic Trap Primer, 5-Port Header

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ZURN Z1020 Electronic trap primer programmed as standard to provide a six second water injection to traps every twenty-four hours*, complete with galvanized steel combination surface or recessed mount box and cover, 1/2 [13] solder copper inlet connection, brass ball type stop valve, slow closing 24 VAC solenoid valve with integral strainer, 120 - 24 VAC transformer, brass atmospheric vacuum breaker, PEX waterway, and anti-scaling multi-port manifold with five 1/ 2 [13] Male PEX outlet connections. (For copper connection outlets -CW option must be specified.)

ZURN Z1020 Min. Pressure: 3 psi Working Pressure: 20 to 100 psig Default Settings: -Frequency: 24 hours -lnjection Time: 6 seconds. -Volume: 2 oz. min. per port.

ZURN Z1020 NOTE: You can add distribution units to each of the header outlets if required.  i.e. You can add a Z1022-DU2-LT to turn the single outlet into a double-port outlet.  Or, you can added a Z1022-DU3-LT to turn a signle outlet into a four-port outlet.  The maximum number of outlets achievable on a Z1020 5-Port is 20 (using [x5] Z1022-DU4-LT's).

ZURN Z1020 Specification Submittal: Click Here

ZURN Z1020 Installation and Technical Information: Click Here

ZURN Z1020 Brochure: Click Here

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